Predictive Personas

Predictive/prescriptive user personas for e-commerce user scenarios. 

Below are user personas I've created to help target specific user missions, perspectives and personalities for a project I'm working on. The goal is to have each user's goals and values met with the final product or solution, and also build bridges to increase each customer's particular lifetime value and success rate. For this particular project I'll be building an adaptive UI that allows for a form of progressive disclosure of complexity, shifting users from casual to power-user status as they show intent towards those specific scenarios. As the experience reveals itself, the user should be onboarded naturally into a richer product experience.


A solution framework that scales with you, gently revealing complexity as you show intent.

work in progress

Pocket: Made for the casual visitor, the digital window shopper. Whether you’ve got something in particular in mind or you’re looking for something sparkly to catch your eye, the pocket provides a simple method of saving items for later.

Briefcase: Made for the mission, the briefcase allows you to completely customize and organize your content in whatever way you choose to help you reach your goals. You love to tinker and customize and want your tools to just work. eBay is part of your every day routine, and when you launch the app, you know just what you want to do.

Treasure Trunk: Made for the oblong enthusiast, the collector and the hobbyist. You launch eBay because you love finding interesting and unique items at great prices. You have lots of different interests and passions, and you’re interested in traversing the ‘rabbit hole’ for new items that will delight you. You'd love it if your overflowing list of saved items could intuitively organize and provide useful and relevant browsing opportunities.

Each of these use-case metaphors will become storyboards, and each present a unique set of needs and opportunities. Where there are overlaps, there is gold.