Auditory Self Expression

All songs written, produced and performed by Mark Iris




2011, 15 Tracks

My goal was to embody a different "character" in each song as I explored the themes of Love, Loss, Death and Self-Discovery. As you move through the tracks, notice how the timbre, style and gait of the main vocal changes to fit the thematic mood of the piece.

Recorded in Portland, Oregon in a downtown apartment on an iMac, using Logic, Midi Controllers, an AT-3035 and Blue Microphones.



Facing the Comet

2006, 12 Tracks

Facing the Comet is essentially an audio journal of my early-stage awakening. The album is a winding trip through the unnerving wiles and graces of fractal modernity, meant to be listened to from front to back.

Recorded in a bedroom in Buffalo, New York with a Macbook, Garageband and a single Shure 55SH Microphone.



Many thanks to the muses, the mysterious night, the wild one in my heart.

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