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ECO: a complex suite of products built on the Atomic Design framework

Here's a peek into the ECO Design System that I'm building with a partner for the land conservation & non-profit scientific market, commissioned by The Columbia Land Trust.


Here are a few of the benchmark design systems that are inspiring my efforts:


Sam's Club Pickup: Mobile Check In

Redesigning this system , I really focused on intelligent signal input (like location or notifications) for the most seamless experience. This sytem alerts and guides customers and Sam's Club employees throughout the process.


Umpqua Bank App



1. Re-think content disclosure and access strategy

2. Provide an IA overhaul, and improve global navigation.


Project overview and process:

I recently starting digging into Umpqua Bank's mobile applications and found a treasure trove of opportunities for product enhancements, comprehensive IA restructuring and friction reduction. Here's an overview of the work in progress.

I started by listing out all of the features available on the mobile app, then listed the features that were important but missing from the website. Finally, I added a few more features that would add great value for a small investment. The app has a strange IA setup, where seemingly unrelated actions are available at many touchpoints throughout the experience. So I took my list of features, and began grouping them by theme/mission to get a feel for how they could be placed in the navigational hierarchy.




After understanding the most common-sense thematic groupings, I prioritized all of the features based on customer access data, competitive analysis and intuition. The idea is to provide access to what's most important first in a dashboard. i believe the dashboard approach is great for banking apps, where an accounts overview page is your most common use case.




The navigational hierarchy I'm working on provides a global navigation system (menu icon for Android, tabs for iOS), and also quick-links to destination sub-pages by tapping information on the dashboard itself. 

This wireframe provides a quick concept of a dashboard style homepage that displays priority one information at a glance, placing secondary and tertiary actions and detailed informational views on sub pages or accessible via UI components.

In this model, the dashboard page contents aren't just informational, but also serve as paths into subpages otherwise accessible from the navigation menu.


Error Standardization System

Thanks to Shawn Piper for his help on this project.


Modal Consolidation

eBay for iPhone App